The Breeder's Standard® 2020 by PedFast Technologies™

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The Breeder’s Standard® 2020

The Next Generation of Awesome.

The Breeder’s Standard® 2020 is here. A revamped look and feel. The best looking pedigrees ever produced by any program. PedFast Technologies™ has refined our flagship program to even greater dominance.

New Look and Feel.

TBS 2020 New Look

A new cleaner look. Speedier. Easier to use. The best program just got better.

The. Best. Pedigrees. Ever.

TBS 2020 New Look

Welcome to MegaPed™ 2020! The next generation of superb pedigrees.

Meet SuperFields™

We proudly introduce SuperFields™. SuperFields use HTML technology to deliver extreme power to render a superb easy-to-read pedigree. Your pedigrees will never look so good!

TBS 2020 New Look

SuperFields let you control individual fields, do reverses, and give you all of the control that HTML allows web pages.

Powerful Pedigree Layouts.

Create numerous pedigree layouts. Make every pedigree your own! See examples below (some use optional power packs):

TBS 2020 New Look

TBS 2020 New Look

TBS 2020 New Look

Make TBS 2020 Your Own.

TBS 2020 New Look

Choose the fields you need to add or change. Choose the fields on your lists and the order in which they appear.

The Program Walks you Through It.

With our exclusive Puggsley™ feature, you have built in help on every page, updated to the latest in features.

TBS 2020 New Look

More features, more power.

The Breeder’s Standard® 2020 includes more Powerful features than any other breeding kennel Program. Now with support for prescription medications and all major forms of competition.

TBS 2020 New Look

Available Now!

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Read about it Now.

You can read all about TBS 2020. Click Here.

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Download Today.

You can download TBS 2020 and see for yourself. Download the Next Level of Awesome Today. Click Here.

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Order Today!

The Breeder’s Standard® 2020 is available immediately. First time purchases are $119.99. Upgrades from older versions of PedFast Technologies™ Programs are only $65.99.

You can purchase the program from our secure online website at, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Frequently-asked Questions

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I just bought the 2018 program!

No worries! We’ve got you covered. If you bought the 2018 program on or after January 1 2019, you will receive a free upgrade to TBS 2020. It will be automatically delivered by February 9, 2019, and any CD or USB media not already delivered will be the new one with the 2020 program on it.

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How hard is it to upgrade from 2012 or 2018?

Super easy. Just install TBS 2020 and open the .PTPED database file. You will also retain backward compatibility with the latest patches of TBS 2012 and 2018 for at least 90 days from February 6, 2019.

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When will this be out for the Mac?

We continue to work with vendors to get our development tools fully compatible with the Mac. We need to get this right instead of trying to get it fast.

The Breeder’s Standard® — Others promise what we’ve already delivered.